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Pandemic or no pandemic: SP Smart Hybrid Schooling is the new normal

PM Modi reforms National Educational Policy based on Hybrid Learning

Hybrid Schooling has changed the meaning of education. The world was in a different realm before the pandemic; it was peaceful and harmonious. Every human being is hustling their lives with everyday routines, children going to school, and then a fatal illness strikes, causing us to put everything on hold. The pandemic changed everything: changes in people’s lifestyles. Work from the office switched to work from home, and the lives of school children were the most affected, since all schools were forced to close due to global lockdown, and offline teaching shifted to online teaching: a big transition that had a significant impact on education.

Many schools encountered significant challenges owing to a lack of internet and technology access, particularly in rural areas where there are no internet cables and the only way to learn is through chalk and board. This resulted in a significant loss in our educational system; nevertheless, if we had known ahead of time that such an awful incident would occur, we could have been better prepared with the necessary facilities. It deprived children of schooling and education due to a lack of schools.

Unfortunately, several institutions and their administrations have had significant difficulties taking online programs and offering high-quality education. Teachers panicked because they were unfamiliar with online technology, which resulted in tension and anxiety, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that sadness was taking its toll. It was the same at SP Smart School, but we believe it was a blessing in disguise. When the nation’s lockdown was announced, we, like every other school, were horrified at the prospect of online learning, and it’s no surprise that our teachers and staff were equally concerned. However, little did we know that this dead-end would turn out to be a watershed moment in our educational system.

To deal with the pandemic, SP Smart School’s first approach to online learning was through “whats app” group learning via text messages, because whats app was the most basic and simple technology that everyone was familiar with; however, children were unable to prepare adequately due to a lack of study notes. The issue was brought to the attention of our CEO, Mr. Shivang Satya Gupta, and thereupon a decision was made to deliver notes to every student, regardless of where they live. Our CEO wanted to make sure that it left no student without study materials, so despite the pandemic, the school administration went above and beyond and delivered notes to each student at their door. This ensured that no student faces any difficulties in their education.

While the online teaching process was getting a head start, after some serious discussion with the faculty and teachers in line, WhatsApp online learning was upgraded into Zoom classes, which also caused issues at first because Zoom only allowed 30-minute classes without any recording. However, we at SP Smart School are committed to providing quality education to all of our students, so we upgraded our services with Zoom to alleviate the situation. Zoom classes were now lasting 70 minutes, including recording.

SP Smart School

Slowly and steadily, this teaching system was getting into its movement, and sooner SP SMART HYBRID SCHOOLING SYSTEM evolved. Now SP smart schools have an innovative hybrid technology schooling that has changed the lives of many students and will change many more in the coming years. SP smart hybrid system is a module wherein a student not only gets time to study but also has time to get involved in other curricular activities, such as sports or arts. SP smart hybrid system has revolutionized the entire education sector.

You must wonder, what’s unique about this system and what exactly happens in this system? It simply works like this: A student has to come to school alternately, which means a student is free from coming to school on every alternate day, which allows him to gather sufficient time to self-study at home; albeit, the child still is monitored with his studies with the help of a guided teacher. A guided teacher’s responsibility is to guide the student to do his homework so that even though a child is physically not in school, he is regularly well-trained to self-study at home.

Hybrid learning has become the talk of the nation since Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi addressed in the high-level meeting to review the National Education Policy. “Our education system has a great role in preparing the youth who are possessed with skill and ability and have the spirit to do something for the country. Today the country also has a new National Education Policy to meet the needs of the 21st century,” the prime minister said.

 He implemented NEP with the 4 core objectives mentioned below:

  1. Accessibility
  2. Equity
  3. Inclusivity
  4. Quality

He stressed saying that technology needs to be balanced and that a hybrid system is a combination of both online & offline should be developed. The government has proposed a hybrid model that involves a student undergoing online and offline learning thus allowing technology to push up the learning system by giving students a robust exposure to practical learning as well. This new reform educational policy will usher great scope for schools to upgrade their learning system and allow a child undergoing massive learning opportunities to build his amazing future life.

digital learning

We at SP Smart School is already following the footsteps of our visionary PM Mr. Narendra Modi and we are grateful to him to come up with this innovative approach that will boost our entire nation’s educational policy.

It has been critical to stabilizing the educational system during times of turbulence. Some could describe it as the best of both worlds — in-person and online learning. Although this strategy was implemented during the COVID-19 outbreak, we are still adjusting to it. But here are a few of the imperative advantages of SP Smart hybrid learning. 

  1. Adaptability

The world is currently heading towards adaptability. It has an impact on every aspect of life, including education. Hybrid learning allows you to effectively manage your time. You may be unable to attend your class for a variety of reasons, but you do not want to miss anything. Hybrid learning, a freshly established approach, gives a means to your issue. 

               You can:
  • Learn wherever you are and whenever you want to
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Use innovative digital materials
  • Give time to your hobbies
free time in school

Reduced student absenteeism is one of the most overlooked advantages of adaptability. People who are unable to attend class because of physical limitations can nonetheless participate in it. This phrase also applies to people who have to deal with chronic conditions. Hybrid learning has the potential to improve academic performance and foster a more tolerant atmosphere for everybody. In addition, you can join an online session in a virtual classroom like SP Smart Hybrid and make use of all the features that make learning simple. You can also watch the recording later if you cannot attend.

  • Effective utilization of numerous sources

SP Smart School merged different approaches and sources of knowledge into hybrid learning. As a result, students are more likely to understand their personal preferences. People save time and energy, allowing them to focus on their learning approaches. As a result, kids will learn vital skills quickly and use them in the real world.

  • Learn with technology

Technology has become an indispensable element of our daily lives, and this trend is unlikely to reverse soon. It was a long pastime for schools to embrace it if they have in recent years. Presenting some positive aspects of hybrid learning

  • Removes physical barriers to learning
  • Prepares students for the workforce
  • Supports a variety of learners
  • Facilitates cooperation

    Technology is already a part of our lives and will undoubtedly become more so in the future. We must grasp it as soon as possible.

Individualization and efficiency

 Hybrid learning, according to many students, has aided them in a variety of ways. They claim they are developing self-discipline, which is an important roadmap to success in a world full of distractions, and they are feeling more secure in their talents and growing more independent.

• Develop their own learning strategies

• Communicate more effectively with others 

• Conquer their fear of public speaking 

• Minimize the stress and worry connected with a school

  • Accessibility

The accessibility of hybrid learning is its most potent feature. Learners are not required to travel to and from the classroom every day. As a result, schools can draw students from all around the country and even globally. This may also motivate more people to learn and create networking opportunities.

  • Reduce relationship conflicts
good friendship

Fighting is one of those unpleasant aspects of every relationship that we would prefer to avoid. But what if there was a technique that may assist you in resolving problems with your classmate or school friend? Would you try it?

Well, let me explain to you with an example. Suppose you had a quarrel with your friend and that made you both frustrated and annoyed so much that you wouldn’t even see each other’s faces? Now think that with hybrid learning you will be not physically present at school the next day, so you get an entire day by yourself and with that, it is natural to get your anger to subside. That’s the basic behavioral process of the mind and that way it certainly reduces the chances of conflicts getting worse. Bet you the next day when you go to the school you won’t have any more grudges left inside you. This way, hybrid learning not only helps you to excel in your academics but also ground you with discipline and maintains healthy relationships with your classmates and teachers. 

Believe it or not, you can learn to do this. And when you do, not only will your fights lose their nasty, escalating nature, you will feel better and more empowered.

SP smart school is always ahead of time and we follow this legacy for the past 5 decades, which makes us the best schooling system since everybody has the right to quality education. We believe in 3 major goals:
  1. To provide students with the best understanding of subjects.
  2. To provide students with the best learning experience.
  3. To create space for better interaction between teachers & students.

 The aforementioned points and the process we follow are because we want our students to be free from tuition/coaching classes. Why a student goes to a tuition/coaching class? It’s because school cannot provide that attention and education a child needs; mind you, we at SP smart school understand a child’s requirements and want to provide them with an exceptional education so that they forget about going to tuition/coaching classes. SP smart hybrid system not only provides students with good education but also prepares them for their competitive exams. SP smart hybrid schooling delivers odd in all environments and it is career-centric, which ultimately makes SP smart hybrid schooling system into a happy schooling system.

While a child thinks by simply going to tuition/coaching classes, he will get success in all his exams because of his ill fate in school education; however, SP Smart Hybrid Schooling provides students with quality-driven education aiming to score good grades in all exams, including competitive exams, which ultimately guarantee success. So when you choose SP smart hybrid school, you choose a bright future for yourself.

SP Smart Hybrid Schooling like it or not, is here to stay. The traditional educational system is changing, and we need to adapt. There are no longer any physical obstacles in the way of a learner’s progress. One thing is certain: hybrid learning allows you to make your own decisions. You can direct your experience toward your objectives. The best part is that you can do it wherever, whenever, and however you want.

To recapitulate, SP smart hybrid schooling system is a proactive hybrid system designed for students to excel in their careers by providing a systematic, result-oriented module so that they get an ample amount of time to self-study and we claim to give around 1500+ hours of self-study thereby inhibiting students from going to coaching classes or tuition. 

Why waste tuition/coaching fees when the SP Smart Hybrid Schooling system can give you all the benefits you desire?

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