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Why SP Smart Hybrid Schooling Is Beneficial To Student’s Mental Health

Previously, in the late 1990s and early 2000s, technological precocious was slow, and as a result, people and children lived a simple and happy life. However, as time passed, digital technology advanced rapidly while we are in 2022, and young children became overly addicted to gadgets and digital accessories, resulting in physical health issues such as headaches, muscle tension, and eye problems, among others.

 But that’s not all; children’s mental health suffers as well. Children at an early age show signs of depression, stress, anxiety, and nervous breakdown. Mental health is a hot topic in India these days, especially among children, with 8 out of 10 children suffering from mental health issues. 

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In this predicament, students must overcome their mental health issues especially because the studies burden on their minds can be exhausting and onerous. Sometimes, students are so frustrated and despondent that they tend to go into depression, and more often not, students develop terrifying thoughts of suicide- the worst nightmare ever!

But what if I told you that at SP Smart School, your child’s mental health is safeguarded to an extent that none of the students face extreme mental health issues because of our innovative and methodical hybrid system.

SP Smart Hybrid System has various positive advantages:

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  1. Self–paced learning: With self-paced learning, students get an adequate amount of time to learn at their own pace; moreover, students can manage their time in other fun activities thus making students less pressurized regarding their studies.
  2. Better engagement: Students get to learn in various other methods, therefore, making teaching less monotonous. With hybrid learning, students get an opportunity to interact with their teachers on a one-on-one basis which eventually creates a personalized learning environment.  
  3. Instant feedback: Online platforms access students’ work data enabling them to provide instant feedback that will help them to record their work status and let them know if they’re on the right track or not.
  4. Deeper Learning: Many traditional classes go into tremendous depth, but there’s a catch: students are either in it or they aren’t. They may miss a significant amount of content if they miss a class, are sick or exhausted, or otherwise are unable to pay attention. This can’t happen with hybrid learning because students will always have online access to lecture materials, assignment explanations, and another critical course components.
  5.  More job-ready: With various techniques and processes included in hybrid learning, students are made ready for vast exposure and this helps them to prepare well for the real world.

And there are numerous benefits of hybrid learning and with that intention in mind SP smart hybrid schooling system has been coupled with exceptional academics and balanced mental health as mental health should be prioritized.

SP Smart School believes in overall character development in children, just as Saint Louis University wants their students to succeed by putting their mental health first, which is why they have established a three-day weekend policy. They also stated in their post the necessity of allowing students free time so that they have enough time to perform their homework, studies, chores, and other obligations. This is precisely what our SP smart hybrid schooling system aims to achieve.

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