Registration Process I Step 3

Please go through all the Rules and regulation to be abide by you and your wards after taking admission to SP Smart Schools. If you agree to abide below mentioned rules & regulations laid down by the school, click on ‘I Agree’ button at the end to proceed to next step of Provisional Admission.

Rules & Regulations

Annexure – 1 :

1) SP Smart Code of Conduct (SSCOC)  The faculty and parents of SP Smart Schools believe that pupils commit themselves to learn, accepting responsibility for their work and their behavior. Our goal is to instill qualities such as common courtesy, manners, respect for others, self-discipline, responsibility and accountability, consistently enforcing the SP Smart Code of Conduct. Students are expected to follow the school rules at all times when on the school grounds or when associated with the school i.e. when wearing school uniforms. Students have the responsibility: To attend school regularly to respect the right of others to learn to respect their schoolmates and teachers regardless of ethnicity, religion or gender. To respect the property and equipment of the school and others. To conduct themselves courteously and appropriately in school and in public. To keep the school environment and the local community free from litter. To observe the uniform code of the school to read all school notices and bring them to their parents’/guardians’ attention.

2) GENERAL CONDUCT: Students are representatives of our school from leaving home until they return and are thus expected to set themselves a high standard of behavior both inside and outside the school.

3) THE SCHOOL UNIFORM should be worn tidily and correctly both at school and between home and school. The full school uniform must be worn at all times. Shirts are to be tucked in; socks are to be pulled up. Shoes should be proper school shoes (for eg: Action or Liberty school shoes). Students are to be clean-shaven at all times while representing the school. Dressing as per the religious or cultural significance maybe not be worn. No piercings are allowed. In particular, clear plastic studs, or otherwise, used to maintain the piercing, are not allowed. Boys with low waist trousers and narrow bottoms are not allowed. Hair must be of natural colour and not dyed. Excesses of current fashion concerning style, colour and length are not acceptable. The length of the hair is to be above the collar, above the eyebrows and off the face and spikes/punk is strictly not allowed in the school. Make-up must not be worn. The following are not to be brought to the school premises:

  • Cellular phones/CD players/IPods /MP3 Players
  • Alcohol or drugs in any form
  • Chemicals
  • Cigarettes or tobacco
  • Knives or other weapons.
  • Matches/lighters/explosive or dangerous material
  • Explicit or any other offensive material
  • Cameras
  • Two-wheelers or any other vehicle

3) BULLYING: Any form, verbal or physical, or any means of bullying or victimization is strictly forbidden.

4) LITTER: It is the responsibility of every student in the school to ensure that the school is free from litter. Students are also encouraged to take the responsibility for litter in their immediate vicinity and place any litter in the many bins placed around the school.

5) EXEAT PASSES/BUNK: Students are required to attend all classes and remain in the school premises. No student may leave the school premises during interval or lunch without prior permission. When leaving school during the day to attend dental/medical or similar appointments, the students must sign in and out at the Attendance Office and also obtain the gate pass.

6) LEAVE APPLICATIONS: Parents, please consider carefully the effect on learning and the consequences of asking for leave during school time. The process of applying for leave is for parents/guardians to write to the Head/Principal/CEO well in advance, notifying dates and the reason for absence.

7) ABSENCES: If you know your son is going to be absent for any reason please call the Attendance Office and leave a message with the student’s name, form class, contact number and reason for the absence. After an absence from school, a boy must bring, on the day of return, a note signed by his parents/guardian, stating the reason for the absence and takes it to the Attendance Officer. All articles of clothing, shoes, books, bags and other personal property should be clearly marked with the owner’s name. No responsibility can be accepted for the unmarked property. Students losing or finding lost property should in the first instance report to the Front office.

8) DAMAGE: Damage of any kind must be reported immediately to the Front Office. In the case of wilful damage or negligence, students will be expected to contribute part or all of the cost of repair.

9) Social Networking: Students are not allowed to mention any activity related to the school or the name of the school on any of the social networking websites like Facebook, Google+, etc. Students are not allowed to share their emails or social networking Ids with fellow students or teachers/staff.

10) No material Exchange: Students are prohibited/not allowed to exchange any material like books, notebooks, gadgets, stationery, etc. Students are not allowed to invite classmates to personal functions without prior permission from school authorities and in case of any violations, strict action can be taken up to the extent of cancellation of admission.

11) Weekly Assessment Tests: Students are strictly advised to sit in their WATs and all other tests scheduled in the timetable of the school. Any shortage in the tests can result in the cancellation of the admission.

The school authority has all the right to change the Time table in the interest of the students.

12) LATES: All students must be at school by notified time. Latecomers must report to the Attendance Office before going to class. The student will only be admitted to class by the teacher upon presentation of a ”Late Pass” from the Attendance Officer.

Annexure – 2 :

1. Every student should give respect to their parent, teachers and elders.

2. Every student should maintain good mental and physical health.

3. Student should maintain a healthy relationship with all other students of the school.

4. Every student should ensure the learning of topics taught in the classes on day to day basis.

5. Every student should attempt all the assessment tests like WAT/Foundation Block and all other tests.

6. Every student should come to school as a learner and should not bring any gadgets, Mobile, Laptops, etc. to the school.

7. Every student should come to school in time. No student should come earlier than the scheduled time and also no student should stay after school time without permission.

8. No student should roam outside the school premises in the uniform worn in an improper manner.

9. Boys should not wear low waist pants. Pants should be worn on the naval button.

10. Short Shirts and Patiala Salwars are strictly not allowed in the school.

11. Any kind of Makeup, Tattoos or Mehndi is strictly not allowed in the school.

12. Students should not wear designer watches and designer accessories etc.

13. Every student should follow the traffic rules of the traffic department strictly as such.

14. No student is allowed to bring a private vehicle, two-wheeler or four-wheeler to the school without a driver. 15. Every student should wisely use the amenities of the school like desks/water coolers/chairs and other materials.

16. Every student shall follow all the instructions given by the teachers and all other school authorities failing which the admission shall be canceled and the responsibility shall lie to the students and parents/guardians.

17. Students should not be granted any half days during his/her schooling tenure. A student may take a complete leave and does not come to school.

18. School management shall not admit/continue admission to such students who do not have a permanent guardian with them at their place of daily residence at Jammu (Place of residence means the place from where the student comes to school daily and then goes back after school hours). Guardian means the person who in the record of school has taken the responsibility of the child in all respects.

19. All misbehaving students/ their guardians who misbehave and vitiate the school atmosphere shall be responsible for being rusticated without any notice purely at their own risk.

20. Programme fee charged does not include special test series, short revisions, crash courses, all India online test series. It will only include completion of the syllabus and 2-3 pre-board test series.