Registration Process | Step 2

Please go through all the Do’s and Don’ts of your ward and you need to follow while your student is at SP Smart School. Click on the “I will follow them strictly” button at the end to proceed to step 3.

Do's & Don'ts


1) Being as student punctuality & regularity are the basic requirements, all students are bound to keep 90% of their attendance/presence in the school.

2) Students should maintain their good mental and physical health.

3) Students should maintain their proper uniform code as prescribed by the school management. Students should maintain their uniforms from home to school and back.

4) Students should wear proper school shoes only (e.g. action/liberty), hair cut must be proper, above the collar, eyebrows and off the face.

5) Students are supposed to go through the notice board of the school on regular basis for any and all updates to keep themselves updated and to share all required information with their parents and wards.

6) Students should respect the right of others to learn, students should ensure learning of topics taught in the classroom on a day-to-day basis.

7) Students should wisely use all amenities of the school like desks/chairs/tables/water coolers and all associated items with the school.

8) Students should adhere to all guidelines of traffic rules issued by the traffic department.

9) Students should follow the instructions given by the teachers or concerned officials/authorities failing which admission of the child shall be canceled and the responsibility lies with the student and their parents/guardians.

10) Students should respect their parents, schoolmates, teachers, staff members, elders, and friends regardless of ethnicity, religion or gender.

11) Students should respect the property and equipment of the school and other student behavior should be courteous and appropriate within the school, at home and in all public places.

12) Students should adhere to the school campaign of “Swatchta Hi Sewa Hai” and need to participate and to aware masses on the same.

13) Students should keep the classrooms and school premises clean and tidy

14) Students should close the taps after use in the drinking area and washrooms, students should switch off the fans and lights after use


1) Don’t be irregular at school.

2) Don’t use abusive language and avoid yourself in getting indulge into physical fights and bullying

3) Don’t shout and disturb the classroom at any point of time in the school premises

4) Don’t damage the school property

5) Don’t bring any gadgets like mobile, I pods, tablets, etc to school. Such items are strictly prohibited in the school campus.

6) Don’t wear any kind of accessories, makeup, tattoos, mehandi, expensive gold jewelry to school (strictly prohibited).

7) Don’t wear low waist and narrow bottom pants, pants should not be worn below naval button

8) Don’t wear short shirts, Patiala salwar, or any kind of fashionably designed uniform.

9) Don’t dye your hair, no spike/punks are allowed within the campus.

10) Don’t bring more than Rs. 30 to school, if there is a need to bring more money for some specific purpose need to take approval from the concerned authority.

11) Don’t bring any eatables like chewing gums, chocolates, candies, etc

12) Don’t drive in personal vehicles (two or four-wheelers) to school or at home at any point in time, if required can hire a private driver.

13) Don’t allow the students to take half-day leaves if a required student can sit at home and can avail full day leave

14) Don’t take private tuition/coaching/private extra classes outside the school premises

15) Don’t call your class/schoolmate post or during preschool hours

16) Don’t inebriate inside or outside premises with or without wearing the school uniform

17) Don’t bring mobile/CD players/I Pods/MP3 Players/any kind of drugs/alcohol/chemicals/cigarettes/tobacco/sharp edge

weapons/matchstick/lighters/explosive/dangerous elements/cameras and all offensive materials.