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Hello Students, below are the e-books of different topic categorized in JEE and NEET. More books will be uploaded in coming days. For any assistance please contact on the below mentioned Mr.Rahul on 9796884556 & 9858829354

NEET E-books Class-11

NEET Compendium Class-11 Physics

Physical World, Unit and Dimension:

Motion in a Straight Line:

NEET Compendium Class-11 Chemistry

Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry:

Structure of Atom:


Structure of Atom:

NEET Compendium Class-11 Biology

The Living World:

Biological Classification:

JEE E-books Class-11

JEE Compendium Class-11 Physics

Unit and Dimensions:

Error Analysis in Experiments:

Vector and Calculus:


JEE Compendium Class-11 Chemistry

Atomic Structure:

Mole Concept:

Chemical Bonding:


JEE Compendium Class-11 Mathematics

Basic Mathematics and Logarithm:

Trigonometric Ratios and Identities:


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